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Gold Standard Diagnostics


IBL International


Hurricane DX™ CLIA Analyzer – Link

Fully automated chemiluminescence immunoassay (CLIA) analyzer that uses magnetic particle separation technology for accurate and fast results. This laboratory solution empowers higher workloads, fast turnaround times, accurate results, and contributes to cost savings. Hurricane Dx comes with a wide range of autoimmune disease assays, and upcoming plans to expand its offerings to include a menu for infectious disease testing.


This is a list of tests that can be performed, but it is not exhaustive and may be subject to change or updates according to the provider.

  • Deamidated Gliadin Hurricane Dx IgA
  • Deamidated Gliadin Hurricane Dx IgG
  • tTG Hurricane Dx IgA
    tTG Hurricane Dx IgG
  • Jo-1 Hurricane Dx
  • Calprotectin Hurricane Dx
    Calprotectin Stool Sample Tube
  • anti TG Hurricane Dx
  • anti TPO Hurricane Dx
  • AMA M2 Hurricane Dx
  • LKM-1 Hurricane Dx
  • Cardiolipin Hurricane Dx IgG
  • Cardiolipin Hurricane Dx IgM
  • ß2-Glycoprotein I Hurricane Dx IgG
  • ß2-Glycoprotein I Hurricane Dx IgM
  • GBM Hurricane Dx
  • MPO Hurricane Dx
  • PR3 Hurricane Dx
  • CCP Hurricane Dx